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About Depot Restaurant & Lounge

      From the time we opened as a deli in 1983, through today, when you can order from our extensive menu seven days a week starting at 6 am, we have been proud to serve the people of Shenandoah and the area. Look around at the local memorabilia, if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. The owners, the Hillman Family, have also contributed to the community in many ways. Returning the Everly Brothers to their hometown in 1986, developing the Wabash Trace Nature Trail, restoring many local historical buildings including the Wabash Depot, The Dome, The Izaak Walton Lodge, The Red Oak Firehouse, the boyhood home of the Everly Brothers, and others have been some of our achievements. The next few years we hope to restore a 1910 boxcar and caboose, bring you great food, our micro-brewed beer and live entertainment for years to come. Thank you for your support of this locally owned business and please visit other locally owned establishments in our beautiful downtown!

We offer several flavors of your favorite brews. We currently offer:

Bills Bock: Invented in Einbeck, made popular in Munich, beer lovers have been drinking this distinctive style in one form or another for almost four hundred years. Bock, which means "Goat" in German, is a family of strong generally sweet lagers. A beautifully thick, dark and smooth beer, this is the first beer we experimented with after receiving our microbrewery permit in 1996.

Whistle Stop Wheat: A familiar style made popular by microbreweries all over the U.S. Like their German cousins, American wheat beers feature large proportions of malted wheat in the grain bill and are naturally cloudy in appearance. Unlike German Weizenbiers, though, American wheat beers have a bit more hop character and are fermented with milder tasting yeast, resulting in a more clean, natural finish. Our Wheat is unfiltered and one of our more popular beers.