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Banquet Menu

Hot Buffet

Includes: Rolls & Butter, Tea & Coffee | Does Not Include Tax | Tip Included

Meat Options: Broasted Fried Chicken | Roast Beef | Baked Ham | Roast Pork

Salad Options: Lettuce salad | Potato Salad | Cole Slaw | Fruit

Vegetable Options: Baked Beans | Green Beans | Corn | Carrots

Potato Options: Mashed potatoes | Au Gratins | Butter Baby Potatoes | Creamed Peas & Potatoes | Macaroni & Cheese

Casserole Options: Ham & Potatoes | Beef & Noodles | Chicken & Noodles | Meaty Marinara

$12.95Two Meat Buffet

2 choices of Meat | 2 choices of Potato | 2 choices of Vegetable | 2 choices of Salad

$10.95One and a Half Meat Buffet

1 choice of Meat | 1 choice of Casserole | 1 choice of Potato | 2 choices of Vegetables | Slaw or Fruit

Sandwich Buffet

Includes a tray of Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Mayo, Mustard, Chips.

Served on White or Whole Wheat bread.

$6.95Ham & Cheese

Price Per Sandwich

$6.95Turkey & Cheese

Price Per Sandwich

Salads by The Gallon

Yields 32 one-half cup servings

$30.00Potato Salad

$30.00Cole Slaw

$30.00Macaroni Salad

Crock Pot of Hors D' Oeuvres


$45.00BBQ Cocktail Wieners

$45.00BBQ or Marinara Meatballs

$35.00Nacho Cheese & Chips

$35.00Vegetable Tray

Cauliflower, Broccoli, Carrots & Dip

$45.00Cheese & Cracker Tray

$60.00Cheese & Summer Sausage Tray

$6.95Various Fried Appetizers

Available By The Basket


$30.00Full Sheet Brownies

Serves 48

$15.00Half Sheet Brownies

$35.00White Cake Strawberries & Whipped Cream

$30.00Root Beer Float Cake

Made With Our Micro Root Beer


$225.00Keg of Miller Lite

$150.00Keg of Our Micro Brewed Beer

$75.00Keg of Our Home-Brewed Root Beer

General Banquet Guidelines

There is no room charge for the Banquet Room when ordering food or drinks. There is a $35 room charge with no purchase. No outside food or beverages brought in. Prices do not include 7% sales tax.

Smaller groups may also order off the menu

Thank you for booking your party with us.